Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Second Day Reflection (27 May, Wednesday)

Today, we collated our results from the pictures we have taken down. Then, we took the area of the graph that represents water and the area of the graph that represents ethenol. After that, we were given a formula to follow to find out the concentration of each substance in the mixture. 
Use Y=mX+b to find mol
y= area
m= 1.37165e8
b= 27.50735
USE THIS^^^TO FIND “x” which is the amount of mol
After that, we discussed about total reflux, the reflux ratio 5:1 and the reflux ratio 3:1. Then, we concluded that total reflux is most efficient followed by 3:1 then 5:1. This is so as more time is given for the substances to come into contact with each other, also known as mass transfer.

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